Women’s Rights Far from Equal

United Nations' report notes lack of domestic violence laws and rape used as a war weapon. 

By Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter
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Women may have come a long way, but a new United Nations report shows the road ahead is still very long and, in many areas, violent and dangerous.

According to the New York Times, the report on women’s rights worldwide shows that in most countries, rape is not a crime when committed within a marriage. Women are also afraid to report rape and sexual assaults, and rape is being used as a war weapon. Hungary and Lithuania—two members of the European Union—are among those countries that have yet to call domestic violence a crime. More than half of women are not granted basic legal protections at work. 

“This is always very surprising for all of us who work on women’s rights issues,” Laura Turquet, the report’s chief author, tells the newspaper. “Many of the problems women face—for example, with violence—are the same in rich and poor countries.”

Isn't it about time these surprises came to an end?

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First Published July 7, 2011

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