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US, Iraqi Women...

US, Iraqi Women Declare Peace

Many US women are frustrated with the human and economic costs of war in Iraq. Several thousand have lost husbands and lovers, brothers and sisters, daughters and sons. At the same time, many thousands of Iraqi women have lost loved ones, and more than two million have lost their homes. Yet these women have been isolated from each other by distance, nationality, language, and culture.

All that changed at the Women’s Museum in Dallas, Texas, with the launch of Women Stand with Iraq. Some thirty-five leading women’s, peace, and development organizations came together to offer every US woman a choice of practical, positive, proactive ways to extend help and healing across the divides.

“Now that the intensity of the conflict is subsiding, it is time for reconciliation and rebuilding,” says Dr. Sarah McCue, Executive Director of Peace X Peace. “Women will take the lead in that rebuilding, as they have in other nations around the world. Women are powerful when we stand together, and the Internet gives us a place to stand.”

The coalition emerged from an appeal to the women of America by University of Baghdad Professor Naba Hamid at last July’s International Women’s Forum in Dallas. Partnering organizations include DivineCaroline, Peace X Peace, the Alliance for Peacebuilding, Code Pink, the National Council of Women’s Organizations, the National Peace Corps Association, Peacemakers International, and the United Nations Association.

Go to Women Stand with Iraq to choose the action that suits you best. You can also support the coalition directly. To donate, click here and specify Women Stand with Iraq in the notes section on the donation form. To volunteer, contact