Survey: 48% of Americans Don’t Use Half Their Vacation Time

Too much to do at the office and fear of catching up were reasons

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter news image

With pay cuts, leaner staffing, longer hours and more and more work being piled on, you’d think the average American would be dying for a few weeks off to loll on the beach, sipping margaritas in midafternoon while discreetly reading Fifty Shades of Grey on their Kindles.

Not so much.

USA Today reports that nearly half of us aren’t using all our vacation time. Tsk. Tsk.

A survey from Radisson hotels finds Americans average 18 vacay days a year, according to the newspaper, but last year a full 48 percent didn’t use half or more of them.

Why? Too much work and not wanting to have to catch up on it, USA Today notes. But there are still some who relish a few days off: About one in four respondents said they’d trade a promotion or take a 5 percent salary dip for five more days of vacation, the newspaper adds.

We know you often end up killing yourself before and after a work break, but really, isn’t that time off worth it? In fact, pour us a margarita—we’re planning our next vacation now.

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