Time Is the Best Valentine’s Day Gift? Yeah, Right

Survey shows most women say they don’t need gifts from their sweeties.

by Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

Sure, you can go ahead and bemoan Valentine’s Day as a Hallmark/floral-industry sham that forces the already doting lovers of the world to prove their affection via roses, chocolates and heart-decorated cards.

And if you listen to the women polled recently by the dating website eHarmony, you don’t need your honey to prove his love via a pretty bouquet, pink frosted cupcake or, ahem, a little—or a lot of—bling. Great Cupid’s arrow! Really?! A full 87 percent claim that a Valentine’s Day gift is unimportant and that time is all they really want? Puh-leeze.

The survey also finds 23 percent of women do dig the traditional gifts of love—think chocolate, perfume, flowers—while more than a third would prefer something more personal. Just warn your fellow to stay away from the sexy stuff: Almost all—97 percent—of women will take anything other than lingerie.

We say, spending time together is great, but jewelry? Well, that’s a love that lasts forever.

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First Published February 2, 2012

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