Vivica A. Fox Is a Sexy Cougar On and Off-Screen

Vivica A. Fox likes to describe herself in one word: unstoppable! The savvy actress, who has her hand in all sorts of projects, ranging from the big screen to the small screen and even beauty-supply stores around the country, credits her good fortune to age and wisdom. An edited version of our interview with her follows

by Ilyssa Panitz • Celebrity Reporter
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More: You ended your engagement to Omar Slimm White about a year ago. How are you doing? 
Vivica A. Fox: I am very happily single and taking applications as we speak [laughs]. It was OK. The reason I decided not to get married was because it was not right. Even my gut was telling me this wasn’t right. It was the strength of my family that saw how I wasn’t happy and this wasn’t a right fit for me. I was trying to force this because I wanted to get married and start a family. Although my ex is a really nice guy, we weren’t meant to be married.

More: There is a big age difference between you and your ex-fiancé. Is that something you will stay away from going forward?
VF: Yes. I am going to try and stay away from that and date someone closer to my age. However, I don’t have a problem if there is an age difference; I just don’t think it should be too drastic. I can say, I have noticed that younger guys seem to be attracted to me.  

More: You go, girl!
VF: I appreciate that, and being the cougar. Seriously, though, I probably should stay closer to my age.

More: Do you like being labeled a cougar?  
VF: It used to have a negative connotation because people defined it as if you were on the prowl for younger guys. To be honest, the younger guys are often the ones attracted to older women, not necessarily the other way around.

More: Because . . .
VF: Because they take great care of themselves, they have money, they have less drama in their lives, and they are confident. I think the younger guys are saying, “Hold on, girl. Come over here and let me get to know you.”

More: You really celebrate your age, huh?
VF: I am 48 years old, and I am like a fine wine: I keep getting better with time. I have nothing to hide. There is no curse attached to getting older. In fact, it is full of wisdom, knowledge, and I believe you should embrace that. I work out and eat right so I feel fabulous in my forties. Life does not end because you aren’t 20 anymore. I am here to tell you it gets better. I am also more confident, smarter and more comfortable in my own skin.

More: Come on and dish—are you trying to fight the age clock and do other things to look younger?
VF: When I wake up, I know I have to work harder by avoiding certain foods. I also know I have to hit the gym and take better care of myself. But to answer your question, yes, I have embraced it.

More: You strike me as a take-charge kind of girl.
VF: I have always been a type A personality kid. I guess in my case that is a good thing because that is what I get paid for.

More: You’re working on quite a few projects right now.
VF: Yes, I star in a sitcom called Mr. Box Office, where I play a sexy cougar. I also just finished an indie film called Golden Shoes, I have my own hair collection, and of course the two other projects we just discussed. Who am I to complain, especially considering I was ready to quit show business a few years ago.

More: Why?
VF: I was frustrated with the roles that were coming my way. I also had people treating me like I was starting over from scratch. I wasn’t happy and felt maybe I needed to challenge myself and do something new, like moving to Miami to become a sportscaster.

More: But here you are.
VF: I started to produce stage plays and landed Brian McKnight. I was on the road for 14 months [starring with him in the romantic comedy Cheaper to Keep Her] and it was in that time I reinvented myself. I think people got so caught up in my personal life and forgot I have all of this acting and theater experience. I felt my talent had taken a back seat because many stories about me were centering on my personal life.

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