Vivica A. Fox Is a Sexy Cougar On and Off-Screen

Vivica A. Fox likes to describe herself in one word: unstoppable! The savvy actress, who has her hand in all sorts of projects, ranging from the big screen to the small screen and even beauty-supply stores around the country, credits her good fortune to age and wisdom. An edited version of our interview with her follows

by Ilyssa Panitz • Celebrity Reporter
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More: Does that upset you?
VF: It sucks sometimes that people focus on that, because I have worked so hard to build a career and that part tends to get overlooked. However, I have learned you have to roll with the punches.

More: With work? How have the roles changed over the past few years?
VF: I love playing the smarter, head chick in the driver’s seat, because she is intelligent and sexy. I don’t want to be running around in revealing clothes or a skimpy bathing suit. I really think men love seeing a take-charge woman who can get the job done.

More: Would you want to channel your experience and do something a bit more risqué?
VF: I am not a writer per se but I have produced some stage plays, TV programs and reality shows. I was also the co-producer of a series called Glam-God. I am a woman who is full of ideas and can seal the deal to make things happen.

More: You also just starred in a movie called Annie Claus Is Coming to Town, which is now available on DVD (click here to buy).
VF: For the past two years I have done the Hallmark Christmas movies. I started with a small cameo, playing the boss of Christine Taylor, who is Ben Stiller’s wife. The director told me he liked me so much, and I was invited back and got a bigger part. For this film I was portraying the owner of a place called the Candy Cane Motel. A little girl named Annie arrives and restores my hope in Christmas.

More: How sweet.
VF: It was sweet, which was why I signed on to it. I like doing films the whole family can sit down and watch together. These productions are so full of innocence, as opposed to bullying, bad behavior and violence.

More: Do these films restore your faith that there is still good in the world?  
VF: Absolutely. This is supposed to be a warm, fuzzy time of the year when you appreciate your family and make someone else smile.  

More: Have you felt down or had the holiday blues?
VA: Have I had some lonely Christmases? Sure, I have had a few. However, I have a wonderful manager who has three kids. If I am feeling down and lonely I just go over to her house and we cook, drink eggnog and have fun.

More: Vivica Fox alone on Christmas? I don’t believe it.
VF: I am an actress living in Los Angeles so, yes, there have been a few years when I was home alone.

More: So what’s up with your reality show?
VF: I am the host of Prank My Mom, which recently premiered on Lifetime TV. As for a reality show about me, myself and I? That is not happening. I have no desire to go down that path.  

More: It sounds like Ashton Kutcher’s MTV series, Punk’d.
VF: Yes, and might I add that he and my best friend, Tichina Arnold, got me real good once. When Tichina was pregnant and I was in the midst of a photo shoot, she pretended to be in labor. The paramedics from hell showed up and, needless to say, I lost it and turned into an angry mama bear

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