4-Week Fast Walking Plan

Torch more calories by learning to pick up the pace when you walk

by Michele Stanten
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Hill Intervals
Climbing hills strengthens key walking muscles in your legs and butt so it will be easier for you to pick up your pace on level ground. Take shorter steps, land on your heel, and maintain an upright posture when going uphill. On the downhill, slow down.

You shouldn’t walk much further downhill than uphill. Aim to keep your front leg as straight as possible to avoid bobbing up and down as you walk downhill.

Endurance Walk
Duration, not speed, is the focus of this workout during the first week. In weeks 2 and 3, you speed up to a brisk pace (7 RPE) for 10 minutes. And in week 4, you’ll increase the brisk bout to 15 minutes. You can do these brisk bouts at any point during the workout after you’ve warmed up.

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