Botox to the Rescue for Stressed-Out Wall Streeters

More men are seeking fillers and other treatments to hide their frown lines

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Just as there’s no crying in baseball, there are no frown lines on Wall Street.

Well, there are plenty of frown lines. It’s just that stressed-out wheelers and dealers working in this crazy economy are using Botox to cover them up, Bloomberg TV reports.

Dendy Engelman, MD, tells Bloomberg TV that she’s seen an increase in Wall Street men in her office.

“I would certainly say it’s the fastest growing segment of my patient population,” Engelman tells the news service. “They want to look less tired, less wrinkled. They definitely want filler and Botox or some kind of laser treatment to make their skin look refreshed.”

Still, in this economic climate, $350 to $750 for Botox shots might raise a few eyebrows even among financial guys. Oh, wait. Those eyebrows won’t be going anywhere, will they?

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