World’s Wealthiest Bachelors

MORE handpicks 20 of the world’s sexiest moneymakers and heirs. Our standards: single, seductive… and loaded.

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Prince Harry

Age: 28


Net worth: While Harry’s exact worth hasn’t been confirmed, Forbes listed his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II as one of the world’s richest royals, estimating her fortune at $450 million.


How he made his money: It pays to be British royalty. He’s third in line to the throne behind his father Prince Charles and his brother, Prince William.


Currently dating? He and his on-again off-again girlfriend Chelsy Davy are reported to have split.

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Alex Rodriguez

Age: 36


Income: $275 million for a 10 year contract


How he made his money: In 2007, he signed the richest contract in baseball history as third baseman for the Yankees.


Currently dating? Yes. His wrestler girlfriend, Torrie Wilson.

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Andre Balazs

Age: 53


Net worth: $450 million


How he made his money: He's the hotelier behind boutique properties including the Mercer, Chateau Marmont and the Standard hotel


Currently dating? No. He and the comedy queen Chelsea Handler split in November 2011 after a yearlong relationship.

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Ryan Gosling

Age: 31


Income: We don’t know, but we love him so much we’re including him anyway.


How he made his money—however much that might be: He's transitioned from indie actor to big screen blockbuster star with recent leading roles in The Ides of March and Drive. His movie Crazy, Stupid, Love brought in $100 million at the box office.


Currently dating: Unfortunately, yes. His newest girlfriend is actress Eva Mendes.

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Prince Carl Philip

Age: 32


Net worth: $2 million


How he made his money: He was born into Swedish royalty as the Duke of Värmland.


Currently dating? He and his girlfriend of 10 years, Emma Pernald, called things off in 2009. Since the break the Prince has been spotted on dates but currently appears to be single.

Courtesy of Swedish Royal Court

Kanye West

Age: 33


Income: $100 million between 2007-2011


How he made his money: Over the last year he released two platinum albums, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” and a collaboration with Jay-Z, “Watch the Throne.”


Currently dating? Not exclusively. His last long-term girlfriend was model Amber Rose. The couple split in 2010.

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Leonardo DiCaprio

Age: 37


Net worth: From 2010 to 2011 Leo was reported to have earned $77 million—topping Forbes’ annual list of highest-paid leading men in Hollywood.


How he made his money: In 2010 he starred in two major films, Inception and Shutter Island.  Most recently he appeared in J. Edgar.


Currently dating? We think so. He was recently spotted in Australia with super model Erin Heatherton. He was there shooting his new film, The Great Gatsby

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Mark Sanchez

Age: 25


Income: $60 million


How he made his money: In 2010, he signed a 5-year contract with the New York Jets. The quarterback's deal was reportedly worth up to $60 million.


Currently dating? Looks that way. He was last seen with Victoria’s Secret model Kate Upton.

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Simon Cowell

Age: 52


Income: $90 million in 2011


How he made his money: He’s a music executive, producer and creator of international TV talent show franchise, The X Factor.


Currently dating? No. His engagement to makeup artist Mezhgan Hussainy was called off in September 2011, according to the Daily Mail.

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Stavros Niarchos

Age: 26


Net worth: $4 billion


How he made his money: His Greek shipping tycoon grandfather left his family a personal fortune following his death.


Currently dating? He has dated a handful of high profile celebs in the past from Paris Hilton to Mary-Kate Olsen, but as far as we know he’s currently single.

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Paris Latsis

Age: 32


Net worth: $5.3 billion


How he made his money: He’s a Greek shipping heir, tied to the Latsis family fortune.


Currently dating? We don’t think so.  His last relationship with actress Nikki Reed ended in 2010.

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Mark Zuckerberg

Age: 27


Net worth: $17.5 billion


How he made his money: Yep, Facebook.


Currently dating? Yes. He’s had the same girlfriend since college, Priscilla Chan.

Courtesy of BRIAN SNYDER/REUTERS/Newscom

Antoine Arnault

Age: 34


Net worth: $41 billion


How he made his money: His father is Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy chairman, Bernard Arnault. Forbe’s listed him as the 4th richest person in the world, and Antoine now works under him as Louis Vuitton’s communications director.


Currently dating? Yes. He and his girlfriend, Natalia Vodianova, met when she was modeling for the luxury clothing line.

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Lapo Elkann

Age: 34


Net worth: His family’s company, Fiat Automobiles, is valued at $69 million.


How he made his money: His mother was Margherita Agnelli, Fiat heiress and Lapo is now the manager of brand promotion for the Fortune 500 company.


Currently dating? Yes, Italian socialite Bianca Brandolini.

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Sean Parker

Age: 31


Net worth: $2.1 billion


How he made his money: He made his big break at age 19 by founding music sharing site, Napster.  He has since been a force in the integration of Spotify with Facebook and was a former Facebook president.


Currently dating? Yes. His fiancé, musician Alexandra Lenas.

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Prince Albert von Thurn und Taxis

Age: 27


Net worth:  $2 billion


How he made his money: As the 12th Prince of Thurn und Taxis, he inherited a fortune willed to him by his late father.


Currently dating? Not in any way that’s made headlines.


Jamie Johnson

Age: 32


Net worth: $610 million


How he made his money: He’s a Johnson & Johnson heir. His great-grandfather founded the pharmaceutical company.


Currently dating? If so, it's under the radar.

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Jack Dorsey

Age: 35


Net worth: $650 million


How he made his money: He founded Twitter and is CEO of Square, a mobile payment device.


Currently dating? We don’t think so. His last reported long-term relationship was with Sofiane Sylve, a principal dancer in the San Francisco ballet.

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Andrea Casiraghi

Age: 27


Net worth: $1 billion


How he made his money: He's French royalty. His uncle is Prince Albert of Monaco and Andrea is second in line to the throne after his mother, Princess Caroline.


Currently dating? Yes, his long term girlfriend Tatiana Santo Domingo, a socialite and heiress from Columbia.


George Clooney

Age: 50


Income: We don’t know exact numbers, but we didn't dare leave him out!


How he made his money: His prized performances attract quite an audience. The Descendents awarded him a Golden Globe for best actor and grossed over $50 million worldwide thus far.


Currently dating? Yes, wrestler girlfriend Stacy Keibler.



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First Published January 17, 2012

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