Study: Losing Weight Can Lower Breast-Cancer Risk

Postmenopausal women can see major health benefits by dropping even a few pounds

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

One good reason to lose a little weight: swimsuit season. An even better one? Lower your risk of breast cancer.

ABC News reports a new study out of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center finds dropping pounds through diet and exercise is linked to lowering hormones tied to breast cancer for postmenopausal women and can reduce chances of developing the disease by up to 50 percent.

“One main point is that women don’t have to be like the Biggest Loser,” study author Dr. Anne McTiernan tells the network. “A lot of people are thinking for general health benefits that they have to lose 50 pounds if they are 200 pounds. That’s not what we are seeing. Having a first goal of 10 percent of weight lost can have major health effects; it’s not as difficult as people are thinking it is.”

Time to pencil in some gym time, along with scheduling that next mammogram.

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