What Does my Retirement Mean to me?

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We were very happy to be here in Atlanta.  We live north of the city and the area is a mix of farm and growing city.  Next on my list after moving into our new home was to transfer my Clinical Social Work license to Georgia so I could go back to work.  I had all my paperwork from the north notarized and proceeded to fill out the necessary paperwork to transfer my license to Georgia.  I had reciprocity with New Jersey, PA, New York and Delaware with this license, but not Georgia.  The first application was turned down.  I was told I didn’t have enough credits.  I knew this wasn’t true so I filled out the second set of papers and documented all of my class work, Continuing Education Credits, work experience, and awards.  I was refused again.  This time I was told that I didn’t have enough training hours documented to become a Clinical Therapist.  Now wait a minute!!!




I called the office of the Secretary of State to make an appointment with the Board of Commissioners for Social Work.  I gathered all of my documents and headed on  down to Macon, GA.  I waited for 3 hours to see the Board representative.  Finally I asked the State Trooper who was at the reception desk if I could please speak to someone from the office staff.  He informed me that they were all at lunch but he would see what he could do. 




I was taken downstairs to an office without any furnishings except for long grey tables and folding chairs.  Sure enough, two members of the Board were eating from brown bags.  I explained my case.  The part these Board members  didn’t understand or ask about earlier was:  how did I received my Bachelor’s Degree in 1996 and Masters in 1997 (both with honors) and take my exam for a license to be a Clinical Social Worker in 1998?  After all, you are a lot older than most of our applicants.  The answer is I returned to college when I was in my late 40’s early 50’s. I was 56 years old when I received my Clinical License.   Ohhhhh, we see!  This response was followed by, “You know we get so many strange applications we just have to be careful.”




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