What Does my Retirement Mean to me?

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My husband is still working for the company that transferred him down here.  He would like to retire but we had planned that our house would be paid off with the help of my income.  I am 69 years old now and I haven’t had an income to amount to anything since 2004.  I did take my Social Security after living here for a couple of years.  I didn’t like


the idea because I felt I was giving up.


Then the financial meltdown came beginning in 2008.  The investments we had were going down the toilet, especially the banks we had invested in.  The banks were bailed out but we as individuals weren’t.  The outcome from the game Wall Street played with our money has increased our confusion.  How long will my husband have to work to try to regain some of what was lost?  Plan B was going to be pay our house off with investment money.  Not a great idea now!




Retirement is confusing.   What are the rules?  Were there rules?  Did I miss this chapter in Gail Sheehy’s PASSAGES?  Who do you go to for honest  answers to the questions we have?  Is that person trying to improve his bottom line or is he/she giving us good advice or information?  Gee, I can’t say I even trust making funeral plans right now.  I’m not planning on dying anytime soon, but remember, I didn’t plan on retiring either.  The death part is a certainty in this picture but I missed the rules on that item too.  What about our Congress?  Do they think we should all just dry up and blow away rather than solve some of our problems?  Maybe they are confused too because they are acting like it was a surprise when all of us started to retire.  AARP thinks we should get “Everything we deserve.”  What does that mean? 




I didn’t take a job that would require me to cheat or lie.  I don’t want government handouts that I would have to cheat or lie to get.  I want honesty to return to the picture.  Have a good bottom line in your business but earn it honestly.  Take care of the elderly who need help and the young who are ill but do it with honesty.  Advertise your new products with gusto.  Just be honest, and don’t create another problem with your new product (do you hear me plastic water bottles manufacturers?) 




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