What Does my Retirement Mean to me?

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If we read our history, hubris and greed have always been the downfall of a society.  I have to say I have reached the age of retirement and I have been cheated, lied to, stolen from, and mismanaged in so many ways, big and little I am stunned when I look back at the pattern. 




Perhaps retirement is a large group of people who go out with class.  I mean, we show our society that we still have ethics we can be proud of, we don’t suffer liars gladly, we demand honesty and integrity in everything that touches our lives.  We hold up our heads and speak out for honesty when we are out in our world. We show respect for people and their property.  Just maybe the rest of society will catch on before they get so caught up in their greed and hubris that they self destruct. At that point, if there is a rule book about retirement, the book gets thrown out.  Nothing will help the next large group of retiring individuals.







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