What Does Retirement Mean to me ? Lets Think!

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What Does Retirement Mean to Me ?

Lets think!

First and foremost I never thought I would reach this age in such a short time!  But here I am age 67 collecting my social security each month.

I am still not ready to give it up !!! Working now as a part time person at the front desk of a local Women’s Gym.  I get to make some money although it is not about money now it is about still being needed somewhere and still being responsible.  I love the job.

I have reached the time where making money now is for fun - (it also helps) I like my job and I have free membership. I have met some lovely ladies some of them are now friends.  I am reminded how we need each other - women need women to listen, to dream to have fun with to laugh out loud with . Women understand.

As I said the best think is I feel a sense of everything will be ok.  I take time to live in the moment and  not rush, rush through life without stopping to enjoy any of it.  I have found balance in my life, and I have found peace.

Everything will get done, and should it  not then in a calm way it eventually will get done! When you find a balance in your life it makes you feel  in control of everything. 

After all the years of raising children, working till you drop to make the bills, cleaning, cooking, rushing - I can finally do what I want, anytime I want.  What a feeling!

I will not allow myself to think about the years flying by and the fear of getting older/much older.  I have pledged to myself to live for today and to enjoy and plan my life with a compassion and kindness to myself and those around me.  Life truly is good I embrace every minute that I am able to live it.   it us my  personal choice to Be Happy. I appreciate everything and look back on my life and how lucky I am to have had my children, my husband, my dog, my Grandchildren, a loving family both on my side and my husbands, how rich can you get ! I need only to go forward in a positive way and learn to keep in good health to eat to live, taking care of your body and  mind as you age is most important. 

I love the mornings now - I can take the time to smell the coffee !!  shower in my own time - have the house to myself.  I can pace myself to do all the things I used to Rush, Rush  to do.  It feels good.  I love to be organized and I now have more time to be that - in a calm way.  I enjoy grocery shopping now.  I have time to really look and I plan a time frame to do this. 

I have a goal even at my age.  To be healthy and to live a long time and enjoy my family for many  more years.  It takes time, it takes courage, it takes responsibility.  I am ready for this next phase.

My favorite or one of my favorite things to do is sitting with my husband enjoying a glass of good wine and some healthy snacks and sharing the week with him.  We both have busy weeks and relish the weekends together.

So you see to me retirement is a frame of mind that I will never have.  I will always keep busy and I will always have fun.


Lynnette M. Murnane   *** Age 67  ***  Shenorock, NY

Age 67 – Shenorock, New York

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