What motivated you to lose weight?

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"I finally reached a point where nothing in my closet fit other than a few socks, some hats and a scarf." --Carrie Fisher in her new book, Shockaholic, on what motivated her to lose weight?

What motivated you to lose weight? Tell us in the comment section below!

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First Published December 1, 2011

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Gayle LaSalle11.12.2012

I just no longer felt great either physically or in clothes. I refer to myself as a formally skinny person so losing weight was not something that I'd had to do or knew how to do. Yet, last January, when I realized I just didn't have the energy I used to have, I wanted to get healthy as much as I wanted to look better in my clothes. The almost 30 pounds I've lost have done both.

Mata 01.13.2012

Being pre-menopausal! I read about dieting after menopause and thought to myself I do not have the mental strength for a diet to take up to 3x as long after menopause? The very idea that just maybe I could be this unhappy about my weight forever was enough to kick start a diet program that has, since mid September, led me to lose 25 pounds and counting. With ten more pounds to go I'm feeling great and looking forward to a slimmer, menstruation free me.

Jane Ray12.31.2011

My mother was overweight and died of a heart attack at 58. My father was diabetic, slightly overweight and suffered these illnesses throughout my childhood. Neither parent lived to see how successful and happy my life is. After I had 2 babies I was 30 pound heavier than I ever was. Hoping I can avoid my parents' illnesses I lost the weight and have kept it off for over 4 years. My goal is to live to see my boys grow up and hopefully live healthy.

Susan Bendig12.02.2011

When I realized that my husband could not pick me up without injury. That was over six years ago. I went on a diet and lost 25lbs. I have kept it off since then. My husband has no problem picking me up!


I'd been carrying extra weight most of my adult life and I'd had enough wake-up calls to rouse the dead; gallbladder surgery, heel spurs, depression, hypertension, size 30 pants... It wasn't until I developed phlebitis in my thigh that I really took notice, thinking, "hey, this is a SERIOUS situation - I could DIE from this!... I've gotta DO something about my health!" Suddenly I was just ready to face the facts and do whatever it takes to drop the weight! It's still a struggle to eat right all the time - I'm down 100 pounds over the past 18 months and still have another 80 or so to shed, but it IS coming off. Best part is that I've inspired my husband to slim down, too, and now he's no longer diabetic or hypertensive!

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