What retirement means to me?

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It feels like I’m climbing Mt. Everest,  I’m at the planning my trip stage and I found field guides, mentors and teachers that are really helping me navigate the business community with excellent networking opportunities and classes.

But what time of the year do I start?  How do I start?  I studied the competition and I finished my business plan.  I have a little bit of starting capitol.  I have the designs and prototypes and now for the trip up the mountain.  I have to find a manufacturer that can take my product step by step to the next level.  Do I manufacturer a few at first or shall I order in bulk?  It’s more like did I bring enough water for the trip?

I have every intention of selling my product, but I can’t get over the next ledge.  It’s a bit scary and I don’t want to look down, because I worked so hard to get here.  I want to find my niche, that place where sales take off and my product is wildly popular. 

I have the energy and the enthusiasm for going all the way to the top.  I know I can make it!  I meditate in prayerful concentration on clearing my mind of worry.  I smile and send love out into the world and the world answers me with love.  I am married to the old wise man at the top of the mountain and he guides me with love and respect.  I am writing my future now as I did in the past as an elementary teacher.  I realize that the future can only be learned by doing and possibly making mistakes.  I will slip on the mountain, but I will get back up and keep up my trek to the top and to success.

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