When In Doubt, Give

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Become a Mentor -- Think of all the people who helped you along the way with good advice, helpful contacts and words of wisdom.  The best way to thank them for their efforts is to do the same thing for the next generation.  Almost every high school, college, and association has events around career development, so the next time someone asks if you have time to come by and talk about how your career got started, make the time to be available.  It is important for young people to realize there is no one path to business success, we all begin from a different place.  We make different choices and yet end up working with people who took a completely different career route.  Let them know there are lots of ways to get there from here and no one secret to happiness.


Make every day matter and do something, one thing extraordinary every day.  The ricochet effect touching even one person in a meaningful way creates endless possibilities.  Speak to a child, smile as you pass a stranger, hold the door open for a person who looks like they might need some help, give your seat to an elderly person on the train or bus, it creates good karma in the world and a positive cycle for everyone any of those people encounter that day.  Try it for one week, I think you’ll see a difference.  I find when you do something good for someone else, it gives you power, control and hope.  Like Gandhi said, you must be the change you want to see in the world.  It starts with you!


One of the boards that I sit on had a meeting recently and one of the outgoing board members talked about what a privilege it was to serve on the board with such an amazing group of people.  I couldn’t agree more, I’ve met some incredible people by getting involved in organizations I care deeply about.  People I may have never met otherwise even though we are passionate about some of the same causes.  But what brought us together is that we raised our hands and got involved even though we were busy running our companies.  We showed up.  That’s it.  And you know what the bonus is to all of this…I have gotten new customers for my business through these relationships!  In business, when you put yourself out there with people you connect with for a variety of reasons, good things just happen.  You meet great people, you feel good about yourself for helping others, and sometimes you may even get a new customer along the way. 


Like the old commercial for Life cereal says…try it, you’ll like it!   

When you give a little you get a lot back in return!


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