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by Susan Swimmer • Fashion Features Editor
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Okay, so winter is finally upon us. Sure, sure, for those of you who live in those 12-month-a-year temperate climates, you’re long estranged from your layered selves (Paging Arizona…I’m happy for you, I really am). You don’t know from chapped skin and wind burn, bless your hearts. But those of us in the freeze zone have to bundle up, and here’s my advice: Wear fabrics that FEEL good. Like cashmere, suede, silk satin, even flannel. These are the please-touch-me’s of the fabric family, and their inherent softness can not be overestimated. Yes, my friends, it could be looked at as a desperate ploy to get some unsolicited fondling, but so be it. Feel-good fabrics give off a love-y vibe, announcing to the world that you’re a warm and cozy person. And that’s all a long way of saying that they beg to be touched. Who doesn’t want a little rub now and again? I say, we all do!

Go! Buy! Be chic!

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First Published January 5, 2012

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