Wisconsin Becomes Latest State to Pull Planned Parenthood Funding

Four states have now voted to cut funding to the organization.

By Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

The Badger State is following the lead of Indiana, North Carolina and Kansas, pulling state and federal funding from nine of Wisconsin’s 27 Planned Parenthood facilities, the New York Daily News reports.

According to the newspaper, those nine clinics provide affordable care to about 12,000 uninsured women in the state.

But Planned Parenthood isn’t going down without a fight. The Kansas City Star reports the group took its case to federal court Monday in an attempt to stop Kansas from cutting $300,000 in funding. Last week a federal judge in Indiana ruled that the Hoosier State could not cut off Medicaid funds to Planned Parenthood because it offered abortions. Planned Parenthood of Indiana had been without Medicaid money since May 10, according to the newspaper.

Indiana will most likely appeal the ruling, but if states won’t listen to the courts, maybe they’ll listen to Amy Poehler. The Huffington Post reports the funny actress—and proud Planned Parenthood member—recently sent out a fund-raising e-mail, asking for donations.

“Think back to the first time you went to a Planned Parenthood health center, scared or broke or confused or hopeful,” she writes. “Think about your friends, or your sister, or your daughter, son, niece, or nephew. Think about every person out there who has nowhere else to go, nobody else to count on, nobody but Planned Parenthood.”

Now, wouldn’t it be a shame if those people had nobody at all?

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First Published June 28, 2011

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