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by Judith Coyne • Executive Editor
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In six decades you’ve learned a lot, and we’d like to hear about it: where you feel you’ve succeeded in your life, where you may have faltered, what advice you’d give to younger More readers. And who knows? If you take this opportunity to reflect, you may even learn from yourself, crystallizing your experience to prepare for your own future. 

We’re calling this the Wisdom Project, and we’d like you to participate. What you tell us may become part of an upcoming feature in the magazine and on More.com. Since the survey is totally anonymous, there’s no danger that your name will be attached to your quotes. If, however, you feel fine about having your name published, you can give us your contact information in the survey.

There are a lot of questions (we don’t want to miss anything!), but many of them are optional (except for those few with asterisks). Just answer the ones that inspire you. 

Click here to take the survey.

First Published January 9, 2012

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Would love to particpate in the Wisdom Project but the survey is defective and not allowing me to make checks in the appropriate places.

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