Number of Female CIOs Drops for Second Year

There is a shortage of women working in technology, survey finds

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporer

The news isn’t looking good when it comes to the number of female chief information officers at U.S. companies.

Today reports a recent survey from the recruiting company Harvey Nash finds that not only has the number of women working as CIOs in America gone down for two years running, but about 30 percent of CIOs say they don’t have any female managers working for them.

“There’s an overall skill-set shortage in the U.S., across men and women, as far as the IT space,” Harvey Nash’s Anna Frazzetto tells the news show, noting that the problem is more prevalent among women.

Why? Frazzetto says one reason is that female college students are opting to go into other areas of study, according to Today. And then, she adds, there’s plain ol’ discrimination.

Note to self: Sign the girls up for computer courses now.

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