Study Finds Moderate Drinking in Middle Age Has Health Benefits

Research shows physical and mental health is better among regular drinkers than teetotalers.

By Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Health—what my friends are always drinking to before they fall down.  —Phyllis Diller

Turns out, Diller is in fine company. A new study finds middle-aged women who are moderate drinkers are healthier both physically and mentally than their non-drinking peers, HealthDay reports.

Now, Dr. Qi Sun, the study’s author, isn’t saying women of a certain age should run out and stock up on beer, wine and vodka if they’re not already on the sauce, but the Harvard School of Public Health medicine instructor does tell the news service, “If you are an otherwise healthy person, and you're a long-term light-to-moderate drinker, this may have some benefits.”

And for those who try to limit their cocktails to special occasions, HealthDay notes that light to moderate drinking on a routine basis was actually more beneficial than the occasional nip, according to the study.

Cheers to that. Just stop us when we’ve reached “moderate,” will you, please?

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First Published September 9, 2011

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