Ladies Love Their Gadgets, Even More Than the Guys Do

Study finds women are more likely to buy three of the four major electronics categories.

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Think tech gadgets are all about boys and their toys? Let Mama set you straight.

Mashable reports it’s actually women who are more apt to buy smartphones, laptops and tablets, a new study shows.

The results, presented at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show this week by HSN, revealed that of the top four electronics categories, only flat screen LCD TVs are more likely to be bought by a man.

“The tech industry has long been dominated by men—even at CES—but women are really the powerhouse in the household driving purchase decisions,” Jill Braff, HSN’s executive vice president of digital commerce, tells the website. “Women are highly engaged with the latest and greatest gadgets and technology.”

Duh. Don’t the guys know you can watch Grey’s Anatomy on your laptop? Or your tablet? Or your phone? Although, we will admit, Tim Tebow does look better on a giant screen.

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First Published January 11, 2012

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