Women, Friends and De-Stressing

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Do you feel like you're on a tightrope and don't know where the relief is?

You can really get more life satisfaction and still be a loving and attentive partner, mother and career woman when you know how to de-stress.  While the pressures of parenting, partnership, work and life grow alarmingly, where do you turn to get some relief? Don't despair, help is on the way.

Do you want to feel more satisfied with your life and with you? What is satisfaction really about anyway? Creating and feeling more pleasure, happiness, joy or whatever you call it, with your family, your life, career, and with where you're headed - all contribute to your personal satisfaction.

Experiencing true meaning in our relationships and contributing in some way, large or small to our community if only to spread joy among our family and friends are what matter most to us.

New research into women's brains suggests that there really is a difference between the sexes in their response to stress. When a female is stressed out, the hormone, oxytocin is released and influences her desire to form bonds and get together with her female friends. Even more oxytocin flows when that happens and is calming to her and can overturn feelings of stress.

So how is this relevant to your life? We need to understand and respect the differences between men and women in combating stress and in the arena of friendship.

For females, it's recognizing that the flight or fight response isn't the only behavior available to us. Cultivating and maximizing female friendships have an impact on your health and well-being. It's part of the female wiring so when you're low, make plans with a friend and just talk things over.

If you can't get together because of life's demands, even a phone call will do the trick to help you feel less stressed. Better than alcohol and valium, shared laughter and warm dialogue with a friend eases the pressure and helps you get ready to do it all again.

Diva Toolbox contributor, Dr. Jo Anne White is an international speaker, certified life coach and business consultant and energy master teacher. Visit http://www.docwhite.org/ for more information.


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