Women as Masters of the New "Better-Off"

Females have been called the second sex, but in the 21st century, they just might become the first. Here, the third in our three-part series on the sources of women's new power—from the vagina to the voting booth. Courtney E. Martin discusses the quest for the new and improved American Dream.

by Courtney E. Martin
new American Dream
Photograph: Phil Toledano

COURTNEY E. MARTIN (courtneyemartin.com) is a Brooklyn-based author, strategist and speaker. Her latest book is Do It Anyway: The New Generation of Activists.



Part 1: Why Testosterone is the New Estrogen

Part 3: Women as Masters of the New "Better-Off"

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T Jord09.13.2012

I applaud the sentiment, but we should note that women who work in a billable hour structure don't "define their lives" by it either. Nor do many women who have struggled to get the degrees, put in the hours, break corporate glass ceilings, make medical breakthroughs, or change precedent in the courtrooms. It is incredibly important for women to continue to make strides in more traditional professional contexts; we should not judge them just because they are on a path that precludes living in a yurt. Have your friends found work at corporations where their bosses care that their needs are not met? And let them take off for a month? Australia seems to have an interesting work culture, where employers actually do credit the impulse for travel. Maybe a paradigm deserving of further study?

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