Fencer Joins Small Line of U.S. Olympic Flag Bearers

Mariel Zagunis will be the sixth woman ever to carry the American flag at the games

by Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

When Mariel Zagunis, a fencer who has nabbed Olympic gold twice, was chosen to carry the flag for the United States during the opening ceremonies of this year’s world sporting event, she was only the sixth woman ever to be selected for the honor during the games.

Yahoo reports that Zagunis, 27, joins Janice Lee Romary, also a fencer, from 1968; Olga Fikotová, a discus thrower, from 1972; sprinter Evelyn Ashford, from 1988; long-distance runner Francie Laurie-Smith, from 1992; and basketball great Dawn Staley, from 2004.

More women, more medals, more flag holders? That’s gold.

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