Study: Extra Work Equals Extra Weight

Researchers find middle-aged women whose workweek exceeds 35 hours put on pounds

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Sorry, working women, but putting in overtime isn’t doing you any favors in the way of weight loss.

Grab us a candy bar from the vending machine.

The AFP international news service reports that a recent study out of Australia has found that middle-aged female workers clocking in more than 35 hours a week put on weight over a two-year period. And the overachievers who toiled away for more than 49 hours a week? Well, they win the office prize for biggest weight gain, putting on an average of 1.9 percent of their body weight, according to the service.

On second thought, make that a pack of sugar-free gum.

“Extended work hours may reduce the time spent preparing home-cooked meals, exercising and sleeping, which are risk factors for obesity,” lead researcher Nicole Au says in a press release reported by AFP.

OK, who’s up for a lunchtime power walk?

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