Would You Skip Showering to Telecommute?

Poll shows people would give up texting, social media and pay raises to work from home

by Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

We’re not sure if it’s the commute, the cubicle culture or the co-workers, but plenty of people really, really want to work from home. Like, so much that 12 percent would give up a daily shower, 5 percent would get divorced and 30 percent say they’d give up texting to do so.

And, as BusinessNewsDaily reports, 29 percent would even give up chocolate to keep from going in to the office. Chocolate, people. That's serious.

The news service cites a recent survey from TeamViewer, an online communications provider, that shows another 34 percent would give up social media, 25 percent would give up their smartphones and—gasp!—20 percent would give up shopping to telecommute.

Get this: 17 percent even say they’d forgo a raise and 15 percent would lose half their vacation days to work from home.

They do get that working from home still means you have to work, right?

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First Published February 13, 2012

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