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To Work from Home or...

To Work from Home or Not? Try Virtual Assistance!

The soaring price changes in milk, gas, and other basic living necessities have forced some Americans to re-examine their economical way of thinking. Many individuals have re-shifted their ideas towards making ends meet. Due to drastic economical changes in our society today, Americans have experienced two popular deficits—job loss and the loss of homeownership due to foreclosure.

The expenses to commute back and forth to work has taken its toll on plenty hard working individuals. Inevitably this has caused many to budget their lifestyle accordingly. Many Americans question whether they should open their own business or not. Despite life’s aftermaths, there is still an insatiable need for more work hour flexibility amongst those who trying to obtain holistic lifestyles. More and more working class individuals want to be at home with their families at a decent hour. One issue that deserves to be addressed is parents not being able to spend enough time with their children.

Women have now established their presence inside the Work at Home industry. The industry has highly motivated to work from home independently for the sake of convenience, economic freedom, self fulfillment, and the ability to achieve higher goals whilst being in the comfort of their home. These initiatives has made men and women take a second look at their economic values and embrace the “yes we can” spirit. By of witness of my own testimony of working from home, I have been able to perform the balancing act of family life and business.

Starting your own business can be appetizing in many ways. In fact new a popular work at home business for both men and women is called Virtual Assisting. Virtual Assisting is capturing the attention of solo entrepreneurs, small business owners, and more. Virtual Assistants are business owners who provide professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients or to other independent entrepreneurs.

Virtual Assistants are retired secretaries, bookkeepers, web designers, and mostly individuals with office management experience. Technology has made things convenient for VAs to work from home. The design of a VA’s home office can be equipped as if they were working outside in an office building. VAs are equipped with a desk, computer, internet access, fax machine, and more.

The first step is to become a Virtual Assistant is to have a complete business plan. Having a plan is very crucial to your success. This plan will include your budget, business name, your niche and specialty, and your target market. It is very helpful to research your potential competitors to determine your rates. I will highly recommend for you to be realistic with yourself regarding the amount of hours that you can devote to the business operations and your clients.

Are your time management skills in tact? If you don’t have good time management skills, consider increasing these skills. It is a necessary plus.

A book that helped me get my company off to running start in the VA industry was book titled The Virtual Assistants’ Start-Up Manual: A 30-Day Plan to Build Your VA Business by Angela Green. 

Advertising is an essential ingredient of the business. It is very important to develop a professional look with your business cards, brochures, postcards. Printing companies like Vistaprint are very affordable. Always keep your advertising materials at your finger tips. You’ll never know where you would meet your next client.

Now that you have all the basic idea of what it takes to become VA. Get started immediately! Don’t forget to sharpen your sales skills. Go get your first clients and bask in the luxury of creating your own hours to spend more time with your family.