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Work From Home Is...

Work From Home Is Possible

Work-at-Home!!! Internet!! Money!! Scams have been around as long as the internet itself. So, what can old fogies and the not too clever do? First of all, continue to read this article. Second, become knowledgeable. Knowledge is power. Well, and the way our daily lives are being forged by the ever advancing world of technology, we need a heads up and now.

Most of us have worked many years in brick buildings, with cubicles as walls of separation, and have shed tears every time we got our paycheck. But, I have news for you! You can work from home, at home, from your laptop, anywhere you want! The internet may not be your cup of tea, but if you’re anything like me, you like advancement, and do not accept being left behind.

I will be thirty-one this year and most of you are thinking, “What?! She’s still young!” The problem is: I’m not. According to the statistics involving the ever growing amount of on-campus and online college graduates that will be coming into the workforce arena between 2009 and 2010, I am pretty much an over-aged and high-maintenance employee that needs replacing. The replacement will be younger, faster, and will accept a minimal salary for their contributions. Unlike, the most of us; it’s the reality and it must be faced.

So, I am not the young, sassy girl that I used to be but I have lots more to offer. What to do now? This is where the ability to make money and work from home comes in. I’ve been researching, for the past year, and found many channels for this great, flexible, and accessible opportunity. I have a three year old, and honestly, I wanted to stay home with her (I wasn’t able to with my eldest). Wanting to stay home and the need for money became my obsession. Now, I want to share the best sites, companies, and resources with you because I’ve been there and done that. And, I’ve been there and done that, again.

*Some advice before I continue to share my treasures: if you are not an expert in something, on a subject, with any particular thing, do not pretend to be. Truthfully speaking, you must be a present or ex-executive, corporate, or have vast experience in the area or career level in the position you are attempting to work from home as. Work at home is not an easy way to overpass education and experience. True work at home will come because of these and will bring about great offers from great companies.

The window of opportunity which has opened for those that fulfill the requirements requested will find that companies are ready to make offers.


1.   ChaCha Search – become a search guide with ChaCha Search Inc.

2.   Craigslist – many private employers use this site to offer positions or projects for workers at home

3.   TJobs – telecommuting site where for a small annual fee they filter out scams and offer only true employers seeking worker from home

4.   Sologig – Great site for contract jobs, consulting jobs, freelance jobs, and part time jobs with top companies


1.   Disney

2.   Lockheed and Martin

3.   Deloitte & Touche 

4.   Goldman Sachs

5.   Department of State


1.   About Freelance Writing Jobs – Freelance writing, editing, and translation jobs

2.   Freelance Switch – Many 500 Fortune companies use this site to weed out the right employee they need and you can get a subscription for just $7 a month

3.   Problogger – Great site for bloggers looking to let loose on their passions and expertise while getting paid

4.   Dice – Site for the techs and information sciences type