From Worker to Goddess

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Six months ago I lost my job in corporate sales due to an acquisition. On the one hand, I was dissappointed. It was a month too early: I had been working  for a couple of years to land a very large deal and had counted on the commission for some much needed money. On the other hand, I was relieved.  I had been ready to leave for some time. My heart was no longer invested in the work I was doing, and I was finding it more and more difficult to push aside that insistant and persistent inner voice that was saying - "Wake up, stupid - if you don't live YOUR dreams, no one else will!"


I took advantage of the time off to do what any sensable person would do in my place - I went to Cuba and danced for the entire month of January! (I probably should have been looking for a job, but --- man, it was soooo worth it!!)


Nevertheless, when I got back home, I had to get real. I had to get a job. I prepared. I went on interveiws. I got second interveiws. But no job offer. Mystified and depressed, I asked a former boss why he thought I was having bad luck. I was overqualified, had spectacular references and and excellent track record. He said, "You know, Robin, you might as well admit it: You want to have your own empire. People can pick up on that, including, perhaps, the Managers who are interviewing you."


Without skipping a beat, I said, "Of course I want my own empire, doesn't everybody?!"  He smartly responded with a comment that made me realize that I was probably sending mixed messages during my interview. No body wants a half-ass employee. And I can't blem 'em one bit!


After that conversation, I started feeling grateful for my apparent bad luck. I decided that RIGHT NOW is my time. I enrolled in an online women's business course. It was just what I needed to get clear about what I could do for a business, that was also 100% aligned with my souls purpose. Turns out that I have a passion for helping other women express themselves from their inner goddess. For years I'd done this with dance, but I never made the connection with Sales. 


In just a few months, I've launched a sales coaching business, called (of course), Sell Like a Goddess.  I'm filling my calendar with savvy, passionate entrepreneurs who want to learn how to channel their awesome-ness into their sales approach. I have found a way to use my background in the arts to earn a living AND truly help people, and I'm so happy that I could jump! In fact, I'm going to do that right now!!

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