Working Moms Healthier Than Stay-at-Home Moms?

New study says mothers who work full time report better physical, mental health

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Just when you thought that whole allergic-to-work idea might be true, a new study comes out that says at age 40, mothers working full time actually fare better health-wise than stay-at-home moms.

And, Medical News Today reports, the research finds working outside the home isn’t just physically good for you but mentally, too.

“It gives women a sense of purpose, self-efficacy, control and autonomy,” coauthor Adrianne Frech tells the website. “They have a place where they are an expert on something, and they’re paid a wage.”

Women who choose to stay home with the kids face social isolation and often must depend on their spouse financially, the study notes.The least healthy women are “persistently” unemployed moms, according to Medical News Today.

“Struggling to hold on to a job or being in constant job-search mode wears on their health, especially mentally, but also physically,” Frech tells the site. “Women with interrupted employment face more job-related barriers than other women or cumulative disadvantages over time.”

Time to dust off that old résumé?

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