Do Lots of Wrinkles Mean You'll Have Brittle Bones?

A new study shows an association between bone density and facial lines.

By Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Wrinkles aren’t just an appearance issue—they could also mean bad things for your bones.

A new Yale study shows that the more wrinkles you have, the lower your bone mineral density, MedPage Today reports.

"For the older patient, her bigger concern is what is happening to her skin. The clinician's concern is what is happening to her bones," author Lubna Pal tells the site. "Our question was, can we fine-tune the patient concern to get a sense of the bone issues?"

The researchers examined data from menopausal women in the Kronos Early Estrogen Prevention Study (KEEPS) and discovered the association between more wrinkles and bone density at a woman’s spine, femoral neck and total body, according to MedPage Today. If skin was tighter, bone mineral density was higher. If you had plastic surgery, you were out of the study, by the way.

But before you start thinking your wrinkles mean you’re about to feel your bones breaking, relax. This study is just preliminary. And none of us need to add any more worry lines to our faces, now do we?

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First Published June 6, 2011

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