Yo-Yo Dieters, Don’t Give Up Weight-Loss Hope

New study finds losing, gaining and losing again doesn’t mess with your metabolism

by Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

Worried you’ll never recover from all those years of losing and regaining the same 20 pounds? Go ahead and go back on South Beach, and then, once you’ve put the pounds back on, feel free to try that hot new cleanse.

NBC News reports yo-yo dieting is not the metabolism saboteur we thought it was.

“Just because you didn’t reach or keep to a goal before doesn’t mean you won’t succeed if you try again,” researcher Anne McTiernan tells the network, citing her recent study that found when the participants—overweight or obese postmenopausal women—were put on diets, the yo-yo dieters had the same amount of success as the non-yo-yo dieters.

“I was very surprised,” McTiernan tells NBC News. “People who have a history of weight cycling by definition have problems with lifestyle change for weight loss because they gain the weight back again. I was surprised to find that while many of them weighed more than the noncyclers, they did just as well at losing weight with our lifestyle-change weight program as did women who did not have a weight-cycling history.”

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