'Yoga Undressed' Creator Says Naked Yoga Is Not About Sex

Jennifer Kries says it's about loving yourself and getting back to the spirituality of the practice

by Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter
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Get in touch with your body with the naked yoga series "Yoga Undressed."
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JK: To be honest, the Kardashian thing was a travesty. That’s not at all what this is or what serious naked yoga practitioners really do. They take it seriously, and it is not about the nudity, it’s really about joining body, mind and spirit together. My wish would be that whether you do naked yoga or not, you find a place where you’re totally at ease with yourself and you actually celebrate yourself sexually and as a person. When we have sexual balance and we have spiritual balance, we are balanced and we’re happier . . . It’s not about Lululemon—and God bless Lulu—it’s really about a spiritual practice . . .  I created this series to incite a compassion revolution. I really feel the people who have seen the series think it’s beautiful. Anyone who goes, “Oh my God, it's naked!” or “It’s porn”  doesn’t say it after she sees the footage, because it’s so compelling. The narration is so serious and poetic and it’s really about becoming closer to your spiritual essence, to your true self that doesn’t need clothing, that doesn’t need window dressing.

MORE: Are you a “naked” person?

JK: I’m not a nudist. I don’t believe in living your life naked. I believe in having a sacred, private or group experience for the purpose of liberation and freeing yourself from the giggles. When someone giggles in a situation like that, it’s a wise discomfort. It means someone is not at peace with themselves.

MORE: I must admit, I don’t even like to work out in shorts. How do you encourage women who are shy to shed their clothes to give this a try?
JK: I would not advocate going to a class first, at all. There’s nothing wrong with it—I mean, that’s where I had my epiphany, that’s why this came about. But as much as I’m a public person, I’m also very private, and I really believe that there’s immense self-discovery that goes on in the privacy and the safety of your own home. That’s why I created the series. I don’t teach naked yoga classes, and I don’t intend to, but I think it would be a beautiful thing if this series spawned the opening of a high-level naked yoga studio. Many of the naked yoga studios are for men only. I want women to experience this. And I also would love for there to be an all-female class, I think that‘s pretty necessary. There are co-ed classes, too, but I’ll tell you right now, that if  I had to do this all over again, I would definitely want to start by myself and then ease into a class. The reward of what you discover is not anything you can imagine. It’s amazing. You feel like a child again.

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First Published March 22, 2012

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