Yoplait Lite Ad Purged After Eating Disorders Group Complains

A woman's inner voice debates taking a bite of cheesecake.

By Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

To eat raspberry cheesecake or not to eat raspberry cheesecake.

That is the question a woman wrestles with in a commercial for 100-calorie Yoplait Lite. But the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) has the answer: Pull the ad.

General Mills complied after the group raised concerns, AdWeek reports.

“Oh, cheesecake. OK, what if I just had a small slice?” the woman’s internal dialogue says in the ad as she stares into the office fridge. “I was good today; I deserve it. Or I could have a medium slice and some celery sticks, and they would cancel each other out, right? Or, OK, I could have one large slice and jog in place as I eat it . . .”

A coworker interrupts, reaching for a raspberry-cheesecake yogurt, and notes that she has lost weight.

"This behavior in a commercial tells people with eating disorders, 'See, it's even on TV. It's OK and normal for my head to go through all these mental exercises,' " Lynn Grefe, president of the NEDA, tells the industry magazine.

A General Mills rep tells AdWeek the company did not intend for people to interpret the ad that way. 

Now, did somebody say cheesecake?

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First Published June 17, 2011

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