One Third of Young White Women Still Using Tanning Beds

CDC report finds skin cancer warnings don't seem to be stopping women from tanning indoors

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

True, a sun-kissed tan makes many women (ourselves included) feel summery—and, yes, thinner—in warm-weather months. But we know how to fake it.

Apparently, lots of younger women haven’t gotten the message to go faux. USA Today reports on a new CDC study in which 32 percent of white women between ages 18 and 21 say they’ve tanned indoors at least once in the last year, with the average number of visits by users at 28 annually. And 30 percent of women ages 22 to 25 say they’re tanning indoors, the newspaper adds.

According to USA Today, the most common form of cancer in America is skin cancer, with melanoma its most deadly form, and those who use indoor tanning before they turn 35 have a 75 percent greater chance of being diagnosed with melanoma.

If scientific studies aren’t getting through to young women, here’s an idea: Let’s require all tanning salons to post photos of the New Jersey tanning mom on each piece of equipment. If that won’t scare them straight, we don’t know what will.

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