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The 2011 Cadillac CTS Coupe

If you’ve ever driven a Cadillac CTS, you already know they are a superb luxury performance car. Introduced in 2003, the CTS is the entry level Cadillac for the young professional who wants both the reliability and dependability of the Cadillac name along with the luxury of the interior amenities. Since their introduction, the CTS has continued to improve their equipment packages and luxury levels far beyond the ho-hum, mundane options of their competitors, and the vehicle remains the #1 Best Resale Value with J.D. Powers and Associates for the last 5 years. In 2010, Cadillac introduced the Direct Injection 3.0L V-6 with 270 horsepower for the driver who wants performance and economy. In 2011, rear view cameras were added to the available option list for the CTS Sedan. But the most noticeable option yet is the addition of an entire line of vehicles … the CTS Coupe.

Just walking up to the car, you immediately notice the absence of door handles. The doors are the electric touch pad releases used previously in the now-defunct XLR. The panels are tighter, more uniform, and present a flawless design that combines function with form in a near perfect combination. The CTS Coupe is 2” shorter and 2” lower that the Sedan, with articulating windows that lower and raise about 1/2” when opening and closing the door to provide the perfect fit to eliminate door noise. The wedged design ends a the top of the nigh visibility LED tail lights and suggests another classic Cadillac trait....tail fins.

The real thrill begins when you open the door and get in behind the wheel. The keyless ignition activates when you step on the brake and turn the starter switch. When the engine purrs to life, the sound is almost not there, and with the door closed, only the sensation of the perfectly tuned 3.6 or 3.0 engines lets you know you are ready to drive. And I do mean drive.

To use an old cliché’, “This is not your father’s Cadillac.” The feeling of the Coupe is one of control and power, control of every movement of ever maneuver you can think of, and the power of up to 304 horses pushing you down the road in absolute comfort and precision. There is a certain bonding between the driver and the car that says you are ready to take on anything. In normal traffic, it purrs along like the well-bred kitten she is. On the highway, you press the accelerator and feel the instant performance levels some to life. Of course, the real pleasure is in the handling.

The true Coupe configuration of the car (the rear wheels and tires are wider that the front) gives the Coupe a cat-like agility that can only be matched by the most esoteric of sports cars. Going through curves, passing, or performing simple maneuvers is a pleasure. Acceleration is quick and smooth. And the luxury? It’s a Cadillac in every sense of the word.

If you are in the market for a coupe, you really ought to try one. And if you’re in Peoria Illinois or anywhere in the Midwest, you should come by Neil Norton and ask for me. I would be happy to introduce you to the lady.