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About MORE

MORE is for the women who live and breathe fashion and beauty—no matter her budget, or whether she prefers leather leggings and moto jackets or polka dots and classic boat shoes. Everyone is a trendsetter.

MORE is inspired by that savvy, supportive and genuine friend every young woman needs. The one who listens to your stories and laughs in all the right places. The one who gets you to try on that outfit you'd never pick out for yourself. The one who always seems to know about the latest hair trend or how to pull off the perfect at-home mani. The one who stands by you, whether you're testing out rainbow highlights or nervously setting out on backpacking adventure. The friend who makes you feel more happy, more smart, more you.

MORE is a collection of diverse voices discovering and curating the best of what's happening in the worlds of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.