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Additional Suggestions for Our Disabled Veterans

Greetings again. All you concerned, considerate people:
I have two previous articles dealing with suggestion to help our Disabled Veterans. In this one I would like to pass on a suggestion to add to benefits for our Disabled Veterans. May I suggest that the practice of having the Tax Payer pay for coffee and cake for government employees /managers on certain business meetings be stopped?

This suggestion can be started with a great agency (the General Services Administration of the Federal Government) and then other agencies can follow. I am familiar with this practice; I had to buy donuts and other pastries for a meeting. Afterwards, there were close to 9-10 donuts left over. I was asked, “Did I want to bring home the extra leftover pastries?” I said, “No, I did not want the GUT bombs.” They were left by an exit door for anyone to pick up.