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Another Day in the Life of a Reliever

Today I taught an entire lesson with my fly down. But let me start at the beginning. When you visit a classroom for the first time, it’s like being the new kid in school. The kids don’t know you; you don’t know them and you are stuck a classroom with strangers. Even worse, you’re responsible for them and their learning for that day. Yikes! There were whispers when I arrived and luckily, the classroom teacher was there to discuss what she wanted for the day. She reminded the children that they would be sent to her if they acted up and then she was gone.

It was a very easy morning for a reliever. There was the recycling lady and then the school assembly. Which provided much entertainment. And although this school was wonderful in playing the national anthem, I’m still surprised (but hey I’m North American) how many students didn’t know the national anthem.

The next teaching block was spelling tests and math homework which took the entire block.

And finally the block that I would be able to do some teaching. The block that we discussed the new kid in school and what we can do to make the new student feel more welcome.

We also discussed how we felt when we were new students. I told them that I had students whisper about me on the way in and I found out that on of the girls had asked “Who is that pretty lady and will she be with us the whole day?” And the others found it incredibly funny.

Unfortunately, during all of this discussion and me moving around and writing things on the board I had my pants unzipped. Probably since after lunch. And it was the same little girl who came up and told me.

Luckily she had the sense to wait until the others were waiting.

So much for making a dignified exit.