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Are Career-focused Women Really That Much of a Turn-off?

I was reading this article from a popular “Dear so-and-so” advice columnist today. The article was actually discussing dating older women. One of the men who wrote in to comment stated that dating older women was a plus because younger women were usually too focused on their careers and not looking for a relationship. This according to the writer was a huge turn-off! That infuriates me, but only bolsters what I’ve been thinking for a long time.

Men do not want career-oriented women; it is in fact a turn-off. One cannot imagine reading a comment from a female writer stating that a career-oriented man was a turn-off; that simply would be crazy. Men are encouraged to earn a good living and make that their priority, whereas for some reason, even in this day and age, a women’s primary goal should be finding a relationship and focusing on her man.

I admit that, as a young female with a doctorate degree, I am fully angry and bitter. Angry because routinely men who find out my profession want nothing to do with me. Often times I want to channel Miranda from Sex and the City and pretend to be a flight attendant for one week, just to see how many more dates I get. It’s not P.C. for men to admit it, but those who would truly be honest will tell you that they want a woman that looks good, supports them, and takes care of the home. Not someone that makes more money than they do and works longer hours. It is not only a blow to their ego, but it is very intimidating to them. After all, the woman will just leave, right? She does not need their money or their power.

So I guess I have one question—are there any real men left? I’d be interested to hear from you, because I don’t think you exist. I truly believe that my career causes a lot of problems in relationships. If you are attractive, smart, and make more money than they do, I guess that’s a huge turnoff.