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Are You Afraid of Tomatoes?

I’d bet good money that you are, or at least you are afraid of what they’d represent if they were being thrown at you. After all, who really wants to put themselves out there in the public spotlight.

So how do you market yourself as a CranioSacral Therapist?

In the not-so-recent past, it was easy. Go to a health fair, do a couple of talks or maybe even be on the cutting edge and have a web page. Now, we have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. The list could, and does, go on. How do you make a name for yourself in an age when everybody can be seen as an expert?

It’s actually quite simple. It will take some time on your part and a certain amount of, shall we say bravery, but that’s it.

1. Start with what you know and the level you know it.
There is a tremendous amount of knowledge that can be learned at each level of CranioSacral Therapy. Make sure you know your hand positions and the core intent for each technique. Practice talking about CST. Practice on friends, clients, your dog. A confident sounding therapist imparts a great sense of security to future clients.

It doesn’t stop there. CST is a hands-on therapy which means you need to use it. I can’t tell you the number of people I have had tell me they have “nobody” to practice on. Really? Unless you live on the moon, you have somebody to practice on. This also allows you to practice your elevator speech on your clients, your neighbor, a friend, your dog. Get your hands on them and practice.

2. Have people throw tomatoes at you.
No, not literally. Once you gain more confidence in your abiltiy to talk about CST, have some friends start asking you questions about the work, without needing an immediate answer. Notice how it makes you feel inside. Do you freeze, do you want to run away, do you want to bury your head in the sand?

This is important information. This tells you what areas you need to work on. Some questions, you will be able to answer easily. Other questions you can use like homework. Take some time and chew on them until the best answer comes out.

The more you do this, the more you are going to become the expert in your area.

3. Social Media: The Ultimate Tomato.
You want to have a target on you; this is where you sign up. You’ll get the target as well as a membership card and secret decoder ring. Too many people want to take advantage of what Social Media has to offer without understanding their market. Yes, social Media has different markets. Not everybody wants to know how tasty the banana you had for lunch was.

I am absolutely saying to join all the forms of media. I’d love to follow you and share information with you. What I’m also saying is to make sure you’ve a understanding of the lay of the land. Make friends with someone who has been around for a while and pick their brains. Then you can start to let all your experience come out. You will add a tremendous amount to a growing vibrant online community, that needs your voice.

Have fun becoming the best therapist you can become!