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Are You Giving Potential Clients a Bureau When All They Want Is a Rose?

I once dated a funny, charming man who scared the bejeezus out of me.

On our first date he gazed into my eyes and asked to know everything about me. Uncomfortable, I spent most of our lunch gazing at my salad.

Not one to give up too soon, I agreed to a second date. The day after that one, I arrived home to find an antique bureau waiting for me on my doorstep. It was the same bureau I’d admired at this gentleman’s home when we met for dinner the night before.

Despite the grand gesture, I knew I had to cut off the relationship fast. He was lovely, but this was too much attention far too early in the relationship.

Are you making that mistake in your practice?

Ironically, I see big-hearted craniosacral therapists make this mistake with potential clients all the time. They try to rush from first glance to first session. Then they wonder why people pull back.

It’s not you. It’s simply too much and too soon.

Like any relationship, the one that grows between you and your clients needs to be cultivated a step at a time. Here are three tips to keep in mind as you reach out to attract more clients:

Tip #1: Stop trying to get people on your table every time you “touch” them with your marketing.
Instead, craft each piece of your communications protocol with the intention of only getting your potential client to the next piece. When each piece represents the next stage of your relationship, you can safely attract clients piece by piece until they land effortlessly at your door.

Tip #2: Leverage your efforts to deliver your message to many people at one time.
Write client-outcome articles and post them in online directories. Give a talk to local associations and support groups. Try your hand at podcasting.

These are all powerful ways to share your message with many people at one time. At the early stages of your relationship with potential clients, that’s the best way to proceed.

Tip #3: Let your passion fuel your efforts.
There’s a reason behind your desire to connect and share your hands-on help with more people. It’s your gift. It’s your passion. It’s your purpose.

Allow that joyful, magnetic energy to inspire you to move past your communication stuck points.

When you bring potential clients through each stage of your relationship with reverence and respect, the process becomes easy. And your efforts pay off handsomely with the perfect clients for you.

P.s. I long ago passed that beautiful bureau on to someone who could give it the care and attention it deserved. And the man who gave it to me? He became one of my most cherished mentors. And I think of him often with love.