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Are You Out of Work?

Chatting with my sister today she told me about a cousin that has been out of work for the last six months. In that time she has lost her house and moved into a small rental. Right now she is one month late on her rent. In a short amount of time she went from being comfortable to being broke. She’s trying to find another job but prospects are elusive.

It’s a common story these days. A lot of folks are out of work.

But from what I’m seeing, not everyone is job hunting.

Quite a few are exploring their inner entrepreneur and starting a new business. Others see their layoff or pink slip as an opportunity to ramp up a business that they’ve been dabbling in part time for awhile.

I overheard a comment in a restaurant this week, “In this economy it’s downright scary to face daily life without a steady paycheck.” I’m sure that’s true to someone is used to a steady paycheck—and I definitely had to think long and hard about giving mine up back in 2006. But it is really that all that frightening?

As a solopreneur, I’m in charge of my own effort and results. At this point, I’d be more afraid of working my tail off for someone else knowing that another round of layoffs could come along and ruin my finances anytime. Somehow that seems more risky to me.

If you are out of work today, where is your focus right now?

Are you job hunting or business building—or both?