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The Art of Perception

The news and media and people’s conversations show that many are feeling lost right now … they feel at the mercy of the economy, their lifestyle isn’t what they want, they’re staying in jobs they don’t like, their relationships are suffering because they’re unhappy, things aren’t working the way they used to and they find themselves repeating the same patterns of unhappiness and don’t know why it doesn’t ever seem to change. There is one concept that tells why they are having these experiences: perception.

According to Wikipedia, the definition of perception is: the process of attaining awareness or understanding of sensory information. Therefore, by expanding your perception, or your awareness of what’s really happening, you are enhancing your ability to make informed decisions from a bigger perspective.

In other words …

Perception underlies anything you learn or experience in life.

If you aren’t consciously cultivating your perception, you’re missing the magic of what’s happening in your life, how you’re creating it and what is possible for you.

The process of perceptual learning is that you are increasing your efficiency in responding to stimuli AND enhancing your discernment in assessing situations and making decisions. More simply said, when you are expanding your perception, you are growing your ability to take in and combine sensory input in such a way as to make better decisions.

Here’s where the why that should matter to you: when you are perceiving your world, you are receiving information and opportunities, you are in flow with what “is” (as opposed to resisting it and creating struggle for yourself), and you hold in your hand the key to the magic of creation for anything you want in your life.

You can expand your perception in many different ways. Since many people believe that money is the key to their wealthiest life, here are three things you can do right now to develop your perception around your results with money. (Please know that you can use these recommendations for any life area—it’s not just about the money.)

1. Pay attention to your actions and behaviors where ______ (in this case, money) is involved; even more, notice your thoughts and feelings in making purchasing and investment decisions.

2. Become aware of your potential projections toward people who appear to have a lot of money—and those who don’t. If you find envy or judgment occurring, that’s a sign that it’s time to expand your perception.

3. Monitor your self-talk to determine what it is really saying and if it is supportive or sabotaging for you. Your self-talk is often what you would never say to someone else and yet is incredibly abusive and limiting if you really think about it.

This is a short list of how you can enhance your perception. The idea is that you start becoming aware of what’s happening with and around you. Your goal is to enhance your ability to perceive what’s happening right now, in the present moment, as it happens, instead of reacting due to unconscious projections, conditioned thinking or self-sabotaging behavior.

And when you live from this place of knowing, perception becomes your artist’s brush for creating the masterpiece of your life.