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Back It Up, Baby!

In December, I ran a series on my site about the importance of backing up your computer’s data. Unless there is nothing irreplaceable on your computer, backing it up is a must.

(Side note: I have since come across several other companies who offer this service at a reasonable rate and will be posting on them soon)

Here is what almost happened to me:
In January, my computer started running slowly and freezing. Given the amount of work and photos and music on my system, this alarmed me. I was already backing up documents that I used for my business, but there were plenty of other items stored on my computer that would have created a huge nightmare if they were to be lost.

I removed unnecessary files and defragmented my hard drive, but the problem continued.

I immediately signed up for the unlimited Mozy upload and backed up everything on my computer. Then I ran a total system recovery. This seemed to fix the problem, until about a month ago, when my computer started turning off on its own, and freezing again.

On Wednesday of the next week, I ran another system recovery but then my computer wouldn’t start. I received the dreaded DOS screen. On Thursday, I spoke with my computer’s help and support team and discovered that (here’s the kicker) my warranty had expired the day before. I tried running a recovery three more times but the issue became worse. Finally, I submitted that my laptop was a goner.

Do you think I’m glad I had backed up my entire computer? You betcha. It has been a huge, huge relief knowing that my data is all safe and sound waiting for my new laptop to be purchased. At this point, my only issue is that I have to work on my husband’s six-year-old beastly desktop. But it could have been much, much worse.

I don’t know when I will be able to purchase another laptop, but waiting will be much easier.

So consider this your fair warning. Don’t risk losing it all.

*(Mozy is $4.95 a month for unlimited storage. It automatically backups up your data at a scheduled time. As I have mentioned, there are several other online storage companies, but for the purpose of this post, Mozy is mentioned because it is what I used and it is what, in this particular case, saved my butt.)