10 Genius Beauty Product Substitutes To Use In A Pinch

by Maria Azua

10 Genius Beauty Product Substitutes To Use In A Pinch

No need to run to the store with only half of your face on in a beauty emergency. Just use some of these super-practical substitutes to stretch the contents of your makeup bag.


Hand Sanitizer As Brush Cleanser



Washing your brushes can be a major pain, but even running out of your favorite brush cleanser isn’t an excuse for having dirty bristles. Besides being responsible for spreading bacteria and causing breakouts, a brush with dried up pigments on it just won’t work as properly as a clean one. Rub your synthetic brushes in a small amount of hand sanitizer to break apart the pigments left on your brushes after use. You can then rinse and shape your brush bristles before drying as you normally would with your usual brush shampoo.


Oil As Eye Cream



Running out of eye cream is never fun. It’s an essential part of your nighttime beauty routine! Luckily, you can take a cue straight from Kourtney Karashian and pat some oil on your dark circles. Best of all, you can use any facial oil you have in your vanity (or even other beauty-routine approved oils like coconut, olive, and castor), so you can make the product count for two and get your money’s worth out of it. Oil works great in place of an eye cream because it won’t clog your pores—plus, it smells and feels amazing.


Concealer And Powder As Eye Shadow Primer



You don’t have to go running to Sephora every time you go through a tube of your favorite eye shadow primer. You can prevent your eye shadow from creasing (and make it last all day) by using two makeup bag staples you already have: concealer and powder. Before blending away your favorite smokey eye look, dab a little bit of concealer onto each lid follow up with a light layer of powder. This is a great way to make use of a concealer you weren’t crazy about using as a cover up and that powder that never seems to finish.


Gloss As Highlighter



If you’re on a budget, adding another cream highlighter to your shopping cart might seem impossible. To get a similar effect with an item you already own, dab a small amount of clear lip gloss on the top of your cheekbones to make them really pop. You’ll be lighting up the room with the very item you’ve been relied on since junior high school.


Mattify A Lipstick With Powder



To mattify your favorite cream lipstick, carefully place a tissue on top of your freshly painted pout. Then, gently brush a thin layer of powder against the tissue before removing it. This easy hack results in long lasting color that you won’t have to retouch over and over throughout the day. You’ll get more use of your trademark color without having to purchase the same color in a matte formula.


Prevent Thigh Chafing With Deodorant



Warm weather is all about rocking your favorite shorts and dresses, but painful chub rub can ruin a perfect day out. To prevent that dreaded pain caused by the friction between your legs, rub a little bit of deodorant to prevent thigh chafing. Pick up a travel sized deodorant to stash away in your purse for touch ups throughout the day. You can also apply deodorant on your shoulder to prevent the friction marks caused by carrying a heavy tote bag, or to prevent a rash near the tight spots around your sports bra during a run.


Moisturizer And Bronzer As Self-Tanner



If you have a cream bronzer lying around that you aren’t getting too much use out of, use it to DIY your own temporary sunless tanner. Mix the cream bronzer with your usual moisturizer (for your face) and favorite body lotion (for your arms and legs) to create your own version of an all-over instant bronzer. You can even use your new formula sparingly on just your shoulders and chest when rocking an off-the-shoulder top or on your legs when rocking a pair of shorts for the first time after a long winter.


Aloe Vera As A Sleeping Pack



If you’re going away on a sunny vacation, you’re likely to bring along a tub of aloe vera gel to alleviate sunburns and minor cuts. After you’ve showered away all the sand and chlorine from a fun and busy day, you can also massage a gentle aloe vera gel onto your face to use as a sleeping pack. The gel will soak into your skin while you sleep and you’ll wake up with a glow thanks to the anti-inflammatory agent that hydrate your skin—no 8-step regimen required.


Essential Oils As Fragrance



On the days where you want to rock a light fragrance or are getting bored with your usual perfume, a few drops of your favorite essential oils will do the trick without breaking the bank. In an interview with Allure Magazine, actress and entrepreneur Jessica Alba admitted to using her favorite essential oils in place of a perfume. You can customize your own scent using some of Jessica’s favorite oils, including gardenia, jasmine, and vanilla.


Lip Scrub As Eyebrow Care



Growing out your eyebrows? While you’re waiting for those gorgeous bold brows to come to life, massage your sugar lip scrub around your eyebrow area to promote hair growth and to get rid of dead skin cells. When the skin around your brows looks fresh and clean, it’ll be much easier to tame and fill them out. Plus, the scrub helps clean out the residue caused by constantly using gels, pencils, and pomades- the usual staples of a gal obsessed with her brow routine.