The 15 Best Perfumes for Women to Channel Their Holiday Spirit

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The 15 Best Perfumes for Women to Channel Their Holiday Spirit

Whether you’re shopping for yourself, your bestie or a family member, these best smelling perfumes are perfect for any woman on your holiday gift list!


Best Perfume for the Christmas Obsessed


Chanel limited edition holiday perfume in a red glass bottle


If she’s the type to put holiday decorations up waaay before the Thanksgiving turkey is out of the oven and listen to holiday music while the rest of the world is playing The Monster Mash, consider her Christmas obsessed. This red, limited edition bottle of Chanel N°5 is as classic as Christmas and will stand out beautifully with the rest of her festive decor, and it’s a scent she’ll wear all year long.

Get It! Chanel N°5 Limited Edition, $160


Best Perfume for the Bohemian Hipster


A glass bottle with eyedropper that is filled with a transparent perfume liquid and floating flowers


The bottle alone makes this gorgeous floral-infused body oil gift worthy, but what’s inside really makes it a home run for any modern-boho ladies on your list. This particular scent, Globe, is an alluring blend of rose and blaze peony with notes of white cedar wood and musk. Made with a natural blend of apricot, almond oils and vitamin E, this refreshingly fragrant oil can be used to hydrate skin, hair, and nails.

Get It! Petal Multi-Use Oil, $28


Best Perfume for the Shelfie Instagrammer


Charlotte Tilbury perfume in a stunning, sculptural clear glass bottle


Help her step up her shelfie game with this stunning bottled fragrance by Charlotte Tilbury. It’s called Scent of a Dream, and she’ll understand why after taking a sniff — the invigorating jasmine, frankincense, tuberose and violet blend is almost too good to be real.

Get It! Charlotte Tilbury Scent of a Dream, $100


Best Perfume for the Charitable Friend


Square glass Philosophy perfume bottle with a silver cap


Giving is better than receiving, so indulge your saint of a friend, who spends her time donating, volunteering and making our community a better place, with a scent that’s for a good cause. Proceeds from any Philosophy product purchase benefit a variety of mental health organizations for women and families. We like Amazing Grace, an award-winning, beautifully feminine, floral scent that is as special as its recipient.

Get It! philosophy amazing grace eau de toilette, $20


Best Perfume for the Makeup Blogger


Huda Beauty tan colored perfume in a sleek glass bottle


Have a friend with a beauty product collection as expansive as Sephora? She’s probably spending her paycheck this time of year on gifts like the rest of us, so she might not have room in her budget to snatch up the recently dropped Huda Beauty perfumes by the queen of beauty Huda Kattan. But you can get one for her! We’re loving the warm Kayali Vanilla scent, but there are three other options to choose from, just in case she happened to snatch this one up!

Get It! Huda Beauty Kayali Vanilla | 28, $118


Best Perfume for the Chic Fashionista


Chloé floral perfume in a clear bottle with tan ribbon


As effortlessly chic as your girl’s personal style, this fresh, feminine fragrance will blend in seamlessly with her innate free spirit. Key notes of peony, rose, honey and cedarwood exude a light, floral bouquet that’s as alluring as her style. Enclosed in a delicately pleated glass bottle, decorated with a hand-tied ribbon, it will look right at home with the other pretty baubles on her vanity.

Get It! Chloé Eau de Parfum, $180


Best Perfume for the Tomboy


P.F. Candle Co. perfume in an amber bottle with at matte black cap


Smells don’t have a gender, so you shouldn’t feel boxed into buying “female” fragrances if super sweet and floral aren’t your friend’s style. Go for a unisex scent instead, like Sandalwood Rose by P.F. Candle Company. It’s a rose scent with just enough edge of earthy sandalwood, amber, patchouli and other ingredients to make it wearable for both guys and gals.

Get It! P.F. Candle Co. Fine Fragrance, $48


Best Perfume for the Millennial


Glossier perfume in a millennial pink bottle with red cap


Calling all cool girls, we’ve got the scent for you. The millennial favorite brand Glossier has the ultimate fragrance that melts in with your skin and doesn’t overpower the wearer. It’s creamy, clean, warm and sparkling, with base notes of ambrette, ambrox and musk, and top notes of iris root and pink pepper. Your gift receiver will be fascinated by this indescribably unique scent, and the millennial pink bottle is an undeniable crowd pleaser.

Get It! Glossier You, $60


Best Perfume for the Indecisive One


Various bottles of fifteen different designer perfume samples


We all have a friend who we consistently wait for as she picks her outfit for an evening on the town or chooses her entrée for dinner. There’s nothing wrong with being indecisive, so if you’re having trouble picking the perfect gift, go with multiple. This Sephora Holiday Perfume Sampler has 15 different Sephora fragrances from designer brands like YSL, Marc Jacobs and Prada, so she can try them all and find her faves.

Get It! Sephora Favorites, $65 ($122 value)


Best Perfume for the Life of the Party


Jimmy Choo perfume in a purple round glass bottle with gold accents


Being able to command a room is one of your girl’s shining traits, so give her a fragrance as hypnotic as she is. This addictive floral and gourmand scent by Jimmy Choo has addictive notes of roasted tonka bean, jasmine, vanilla orchid and black plum nectar that will stay with your friend as she hops from party to party like the social butterfly that she is. It will surely become her go to and her followers will be enthralled with the sensual trail she’ll leave behind.

Get It! Jimmy Choo Fever Eau de Parfum, $112


Best Perfume for the Hopeless Romantic


Versace Bright Crystal Perfume in a clear, square, glass bottle with a large glass cap


If she’s always on the hunt for Mr. or Mrs. Right and believes in love at first sight and a fairy-tale happy ending, get her a scent as refreshing as a bouquet of flowers on a first date. This enchanting Versace fragrance is layered with yuzu, pomegranate, peony, lotus and magnolia, and will bring to mind that summer wedding she’s been dreaming about. Until that special someone comes along, this scent will be there for her on her love life journey.

Get It! Versace Bright Crystal Eau de Toilette Spray, $95


Best Perfume for the Island Hopper


R+Co fragrance spray in a clear bottle with a white spritzer


Never up for a ski trip but always down for a warm-weather getaway, your girlfriend will be hooked on this bright, refreshing, summery scent. Filled with earthy notes of tree moss and amber married with Sicilian lemon, tangerine and eucalyptus, the scent is designed to be used on the body, hair, linens and more — so spritz away!

Get It! R+Co Relative Paradise, $20


Best Perfume for the Festival Goer


Travel size bottle of Pinrose shimmering mist perfume


Spring will be here before you know it and that means prepping for summer festivals. If your friend is a rave child who spends her weekend dancing night-and-day to the blaring songs of summer, Pinrose’s vanilla and caramel scent will keep her smelling fresh as she parties for hours on end. It’s travel sized, too, so she can carry it with her for when she needs a pick me up, and it’s filled with iridescent pink and silver sparkles that will leave her skin glowing and shimmering!

Get It! Pinrose Secret Genius Shimmer Mist Travel Spray, $24


Best Perfume for the Animal Lover


Le Labo perfume oil in an amber bottle with a black eyedropper cap


Shopping consciously and ethically is great, and some of us are better about it than others. If you have a friend who lives a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, it’s important to take that into consideration when giving them a perfume. Shop from a brand like Le Labo, which has soulful fragrances made with intention and formulated with vegan-friendly ingredients that are never tested on animals. You can’t go wrong gifting any of their luxurious scents, but we personally love Iris 39, a patchouli, ginger and cardamom blend.

Get It! Le Labo Iris 39 Perfume Oil, $144


Best Perfume for the Trendsetter


Burberry perfume in a square pink bottle with an off-center pink cap and gold accent


There’s never a better time to start fresh than when the new year is on the horizon. For your friend who is always an early adapter on new trends, the recently launched Burberry Her perfume will surely become the signature scent that has others asking her, “What are you wearing?” She’ll love the attention just as much she’ll love this addictive perfume’s vibrant, fruity red and dark berry notes and jasmine scent.

Get It! Burberry Her Eau de Parfum Spray, $121