Amp Up Your Tired Mani With This DIY Color-Changing Polish

by admin

Amp Up Your Tired Mani With This DIY Color-Changing Polish

Nail masters, rejoice! We found a super cool color-changing nail polish tutorial, and it's bound to be your new winter go-to.

The temperature is starting to dip down, and there's no better way to celebrate sweater weather than with this (literally) cool nail polish trend. The talented Minnie on the YouTube channel cutepolish shared an amazing color-changing nail polish DIY, and we're already obsessed.

To get this Elsa from Frozen-inspired mani, first get your nails prepped for painting and follow the few simple steps below. We promise, your nails will be the coolest they've ever been.

Step 1: Ensure You Have The Basics

For this project, you'll need an empty nail polish container, which you can pick up on Amazon, and a lacquer suspension base, which you can find on sites like Etsy. Want to keep it simple? Feel free to use a clear polish you already own.

Step 2: Pick Out Your Fave Color=Changing Pigment

To make your own specialized shade, the only thing you'll need is color-changing, or thermochromic, pigment, which is available for purchase on Amazon. We recommend a blue shade — to channel your inner Elsa, of course — but any color will look gorgeous.

Step 3: Mix, Mix, Mix!


Pour the thermochromic pigment into the empty polish container, and if it's a brand new container, put in enough pigment to cover the bottom. Then fill up the rest of the bottle with nail lacquer and shake until the blended polish is clump-free.

If you're using a clear polish, the amount of pigment might take a little more estimation. The same process still applies, but always remember: It's easier to add rather than take away, so sprinkle some in, shake it up and add more if needed!

Step 4: Paint Away!


Once your polish is well mixed, you should be set. Prep your nails by applying a white polish as a base for your color-changing pigment. Then coat the polish a few times, just to make sure the polish reaches its color-changing potential. Minnie says you should apply two coats, but feel free to apply more if you feel it's needed.

Not much of a DIYer? No worries. Sites like Etsy are filled with color-changing nail polishes as wide-ranging as Minty Madness, a nail polish that changes from white to minty green, and this seriously amazing purple that turns pink with heat. The options are (basically) endless!

What are your thoughts on color-changing polishes?